Why use Bento Programming to Facilitate Food Distribution in your Restaurant?

Why use Bento Programming to Facilitate Food Distribution in your Restaurant?

When running a hotel business, you will always strive to deliver services at the right time and in the right manner. If your hotel is a busy place, it may be exhausting and confusing at times more so if you do not have the right equipment and technique to manage it. That is why; you need to invest in better food delivery trollies so that you can work effectively and efficiently.

Food preparation is one thing; but food distribution to different customers is another thing. It can be quite challenging if your restaurant is usually packed with customers. You will need to get trays and trolleys that have bento programming advanced in the sense that, the tray allows you to place meals on it without wasting any space.

How to Effectively Speed up Food Distribution in your Restaurant

The success of any restaurant depends on your speed to get food to your customers. The quicker your serve, the faster you will be earning more day by day. Customers do not have the entire day to spend in your restaurant. Therefore, you need to learn some tips on how you can quickly serve them as this will make them happy and contented. Quick service will always be an important selling point.

1. Invest in Food Delivery Equipment

Most of the times, a table contains many customers with different orders. Therefore, if you have to deliver all the orders at the table quickly, you will need to have equipment that will help facilitate this. Trolleys and trays with bento programming will make your work easy because you can carry many plates or orders on the trolleys and deliver them to hungry customers on time.

Additionally, you will be using less space to carry more. The trays are also appealing and they change the way the customer views the food. They have beautiful and elegant designs that will have customers salivating even before they can have a bite of the food. These trolleys also support food distribution in both cold and hot states, in multiple portions or individual trays.

2. Prepare as many Ingredients as Possible to avoid Last Minute Rush

It is always important to keep soups and stews hot and ready to serve. This is because; majority of the customers you will receive will always order soups or stews. Additionally, stews and soups are usually best served when hot. Remember, the goal is to use the quickest ways possible to get food to hungry customers.

It would best to prepare all the ingredients of foods that you have in your menu so that when you get an order, you use minimal time to prepare it. Also prepare ingredients for meals that customers rarely order. Failure to do this, you have less time to prepare the more popular dishes.

3. Craftily Design your Menu

Your menu should contain details indicating that you can deliver meals to you r customers using the shortest time possible. You should also do a perfect timing of how long a single meal can take to prepare before the customer gets impatient.

Ideally, go for dishes that you can prepare quickly with the available ingredients. Additionally, go for ingredients that you can use interchangeably in most dishes. This will help speed up the preparation process and get your customers’ meals on time.


With the development in technology and innovation, you can get the right equipment to use in your restaurant that will boost its productivity. Use the right equipment such as trolleys and trays that will reduce workload and increase customer satisfaction in your place of work.

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